æternity blockchain domain names. Public, permissionless, censorship-free. True ownership without middlemen. Register your name today.

You own and control your name, just like a token.

You can now register a .chain name using the mobile Base aepp on: https://base.aepps.com


Public, permissionless, censorship-free. Lookup names, owners and more with the Blockchain Middleware explorer.

Use the Middleware explorer to reverse lookup names, check name owners, expiry dates, and where it is pointed to. If you are a developer, you can use the Middleware API and start integrating the functionality in your app today! You can see and filter ongoing name auctions in the Middleware too. Or here, on aeternity.name - have fun exploring!

Decentralized marketplace and auctions. Discover names by ending soon, domain length and highest bids.

Use the Base aepp, Middleware or aeternity.name to discover .chain domain names ending soon, by charachter length and highest bid. Join on-going auctions or start a new one. Names with more than 13 characters can be registered without auctioning time. Price and auction duration depend on name length (9-12 chars ~24h; 5-8 chars ~31 days; 1-4 chars ~62 days). Names must be renewed every 100 days.

Transfer and point your name to Accounts, Smart Contracts, Oracles and State Channels!

Point your name to any key in the aeternity network. You can use it within Sophia Smart Contract code, point it to an Oracle and much more. The domain is stored in your wallet and owned by your account, just like a AE token. No one can control it other than you.

Questions or difficulties with names on the aeternity Blockchain? Join the community forum, help is near: https://forum.aeternity.com

  • How does the AENS work? → Read this forum post, and the docs.

  • Where can I get AE tokensBinance, OKex, Huobi & more Markets.

  • Who receives the AE tokens when I win a bid? → They get burned 🔥.

  • Will I be able to transfer my domain? → Yes, within the Base aepp.

  • Will there be a search engine for domains? → Yes, the Middleware.

  • I'm a developer, where do I start? → Read the API documentation.

  • What is the initial bid to claim a name? → Check the pricelist.

  • Which Base aepp version do i need? → 0.16.0, check your settings.

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